Saturday, January 14, 2012

Second week of January 2012 Part 1

Hello everyone… Well we finally have snow on the ground... although I could have gone the whole winter without one flake. Ha, ha. I'm not big into this cold season although it is pretty to look at through my window in my nice warm house. I guess I will look at this positively and say we’ve had a longer stretch of nice weather, we’ve been able to get outdoors a lot more than normal, and hopefully winter will feel much shorter this year.

This is what we did this week… (it will be in two parts)

We did a letter study of the Letter Mm. As we always do… we made our letter Mm books. Here is what they looked like when we were finished.

This is the cover of our book. We colored the Mm’s and we colored the mop.
On the left we put together three-piece puzzles of the letter Mm and we colored mittens that had a M or m in them. On the right we found the picture that is different and did a pre-writing activity going from the Mm to the Mm picture which I got from “Get Ready for the Code”.
On the left we colored the parts of the mitten with the letter Mm and then we circled letters that were the same as the one in the first box. On the right we listened to clues to find the picture and then we colored the picture according to the directions and we traced letter Mm’s. These activities came from “Get Ready for the Code”.
On the left we drew lines from the letter m tag to the pictures that began with the /m/ sound and we traced letter Mm’s. On the right we found pictures that began with the /m/ sound and colored them and we found more pictures with the /m/ sound, colored the pictures and printed a lowercase m below the picture. These activities came from “Get Ready for the Code”.
On the left we said the name of the picture, circled the letter that makes the sound we heard at the beginning of the word, and then printed the letter and we traced/printed uppercase M’s. On the right we drew lines from the letter to a picture that started with the sound the letter makes and we traced/printed lowercase m’s.
On the left we did a Letter Hunt in which we circled letter Mm’s which we got from Confessions of a Homeschooler. On the right we said the picture name and printed the upper and lowercase letter that we heard at the beginning of the word.

We worked on new sight words… like, my, it and is. We did some activities and worked in our Reading Book #3. Here is what our reading book looked like.

You can see the cover on the left and our first page on the right. On the right we traced our new sight words and then we made our new sight words using paper letter tiles. Most of this book was taken from the 1+1+1=1 You Can Read! website.
On the left we circled our sight words according to the key and we found our sight words in a puzzle. On the right we colored the books according to the key and which sight word was in the book and we traced words we already know in the sentences and then worked together to read the sentences.
I made this page… we colored the mittens according to the sight word and color in the key.
The rest of this post is continued in Part 2.

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  1. Love your activities! The Get Ready for the Code activities are really cool!