Sunday, January 8, 2012

Learning Activity Boxes

Hello Everyone!
So many blogs have given me wonderful ideas to incorporate into my childcare program.  One of them is how homeschoolers have incorporated "work boxes".  I saw them first (I think) on Confessions of a Homeschooler and thought... what an idea!!!  Well it took me over a year to figure out a way that I could actually do this in my small space.  So here it is... not as elaborate as some I've seen... but do-able.

This is what my Learning Activity Boxes look like in my room.
Yes... small and only six boxes plus 2 file folder games on top and a few other
activities through the room.  It isn't overwhelming to put together... and it worked last week.

Here is a look at the activities we did last week.
Last week I gave it a try and it worked pretty well.  The children were able to
use the activities when they wanted to and at times when I needed a few minutes
of quiet work time... well these came in handy!

How Tall is the Snowman

This is a measuring file folder game.  The children were to measure how many
snowflakes tall the snowmen are and then put the number (which velcro's down)
onto the box next to the snowman.
You can get this game here.

New Years Magnet Sheet

Children are to use the power magnets to fill in all of the empty circles. 
This was one of there favs!
You can get the magnet sheet here.

Block Buddies
This activity gives a two-sided card in which the child has to take the
blocks and construct the picture. 
They liked this one too!  You can purchase this product here.

Pattern Blocks
I have children use the card and place the right block onto the card
to make the picture. 

And this week we will be....

Season Sorters Part 1 File Folder
I made this one years ago.  The children are to take the pieces and match them
to the outline shape.  It has them sort summer vs. winter items.

Snowflake Numbers File Folder
 This game has children count dots in the middle of each snowflake and put
it on the right numbered snowflake.  I also made this years ago and believe
I got it here.

Snowman Magnet Sheet
I made this printable today and you can download it here.

More Block Buddies

Children can make a turtle or an angel with this drawer.

Color Cubes

This is another activity where the children build with blocks using the pattern card.
I got this on Amazon.

Snowman Colors

This is a printable I made that Deb over at PreK and K shared how to use.  I took her
wonderful idea of using tweezers and beads to put the right color buttons on the snowman
after matching the hat with the right color sash.  I also wanted my children to become
more familiar with the color words so I took our bottle cap lowercase letters for them
to spell the color word.
You can get this printable here.
(I have to say thanks to Deb... it is the most downloaded printable on my site... thanks)

Pattern Blocks
Making a flower using pattern blocks.

Cutting Practice
Children can take the coffee filters and cut snowflakes.

The Snowman Needs Buttons
I made this into a magnet board game.  I cut out the belly of the snowman so that my
buttons with hot glued magnets (just used the self sticking magnet rolls... but because
it falls off, I have learned to hot glue them down).  Children will pick a hat and then
place that many buttons on the snowman's belly.
This isn't in one of my drawers.
You can download this printable here.

What's Missing Snowman Game

I got this fun printable over at "A Child's Place".  She by the way creates a lot of
wonderful printables.  I made this into a pocket chart game in which the child
needs to find the missing part of the snowman and then move it to the snowman.
You can get this printable here.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about our Learning Box Activities.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome. 



  1. You have soooooo many way cute winter activities here!! I love the snowman measure, season sort, the snowman needs buttons & more!! Thanks for sharing!! I shared this post with my readers here: - Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  2. Wow! You have some amazing winter activities here! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom I LOVE your learning boxes. You make them seem so simple. If only I had time to make all these file folder games! I love how the kids can learn independence by being about to get these activities out on their own!

  4. What a great selection of activities. I love the size of those block cards.

    Hopping over from ABC & 123.

  5. So many awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing them! I pinned some to try and work into our snow theme next week. I am a new follower and hope you will follow me back :)

  6. I love your creativity in preparing wonderful activities and printables! Thanks for linking to my post at PreK + K Sharing! I just featured another of your printables at