Monday, January 16, 2012

Activity Learning Boxes ~3rd week in Jan.

This week’s learning activity box activities are as follows…

Put the Hat on the Snowman File Folder Game

I took two file folders and glued them together in the middle, giving it more of a tri-fold when you fold it up.
The children match the lowercase letters on the hats to the uppercase letters on the snowmen. You can find this game here to download.

Match the Shape File Folder Game

This is a file folder game in which the child matches shapes. I got this years ago at a garage sale… a preschool teacher was retiring. Got to love those kinds of sales!!!

Rhyming Snowman

In this game you get the pieces to build a snowman. To build the snowman you find three pictures… one on the hat, one on the middle snowball, and one on the bottom snowball…that all rhyme. You can download this game here.

Color Cubes ~make a shape

In this game they take the colored cubes and make the shape on the card. They love these!!! I found them on Amazon.

Pattern Blocks ~penguin

Using the pattern blocks they are to make the penguin. You can find this penguin template here at PreKinders.

Snowman Patterning

In this game the children figure out the pattern and clip the clothespin on the end to complete the pattern. You can download this game here. The graphics came from Ruth over at Graphics by Ruth.

Polar Bear Lacing
This is a polar bear lacing card. I got the graphic to make this polar bear at Graphics by Ruth.

Build a Snowman

This is a build the snowman game in which the child (or children… I made it for two to play at a time) roll the die I made from a wood block and the number they roll is the part of the snowman they can put together. You can get this over at 2 Teaching Mommies in their Snow & Ice expanded unit.

Magnet Board –at and –an family word match

In this game the children are to match the –at or –an word to the correct picture. I got this from over at the Moffatt Girls in their Ready2Read Level 1: Unit 1 pack.

That is our Learning Box Activities for the 3rd week in January. I hope you find something you can incorporate into your classroom/home.




  1. So many fun, cute ideas! I think my favorite is the Rhyming Snowman - going to have to make that one! Thanks for sharing on ABC123!

  2. Hi! I just found your awesome blog. Work boxes are new to me but sound like something I need. What kind of things do you put into them? Do you have one for each child?

    1. Everything I had above in the post is what I put in them for the week. I also have another post on my activity learning boxes that shows you another week. I keep it hands on learning type games the children enjoy to play.

  3. I'm following this box activities since I stumbled on this blog and I'm so thankful about the developments that I noticed from my child since she learned this with the help of Montessori Activities. Thanks to you!