Monday, December 30, 2013

Some of our Christmas Projects...

We started off learning a little about Hanukkah.  We made these...

 A menorah.

 And we did some menorah skills sheets.

And then we moved to Christmas and we made...

 A fingerpainted Christmas tree and glued pom poms onto it.

 A Santa by putting cotton-balls on his beard (I don't use this as a Christmas countdown) and its from

 We did a Christmas ornament collage and decorated with shiny paper scraps.

 And we water-painted a Santa... they turned out very colorful!!!

And lastly we made the parent Christmas gifts...

We made the Santa hand print ornaments however we used model magic vs. any of the other items I saw being used for these lovely ornaments.  They turned out great and they were very light weight and easy to hang on a tree.  Below are a few pictures of how ours looked when we finished.  I only wish one of my own children were still in my program so I would have had one to hand on the tree.

Next we made the hand print snowman ornaments.  These also turned out great!

And our last project was cute stocking ornaments.  They were already made ornaments I got at the craft store that needed paint and other details to make them look great.  We used red paint, silver glitter glue and a cotton ball cut in half (one for each side).

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Book

Thanks to the wonderful ideas of at Musings of Me (Michelle) I created a book like her Thanksgiving Tale which you can find here.

We used the book "Thanksgiving Mice" which is a story about Mice that have a play about the first Thanksgiving to discuss the first Thanksgiving.

We then made the following pages for our Thanksgiving book.

Thanks for stopping by,