Saturday, October 27, 2012

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Well I must apologize... I went on a bear hunt and got lost!!!!  
Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  Just don't know why life is been handing an overfilled plate that I just can't ever see the bottom.  I will try to do better as I love to post what we do in our child care.

I'm not scared!  With this book I didn't find the amount of resources I was able to with the others... so I guess I was a little scared.  I must say my children love, love, love this book.  Did I say they loved the book?!?  It is such a fun book to retell, act out, sequence... and did we have fun!

So here it goes...

Morning Meeting
I love doing the morning meeting (otherwise known as our circle time).  And I love putting up
an interactive message to the children that we can share ideas, review a concept, or whatever. 
Here is a sample of a few we did while covering this book.

Shared Reading
Our shared reading time was a lot of reading the book and watching the video.  I don't think these children  ever will get tired of this story.  So we did a lot of inferring  predicting, fluency (repeating or reading along with me), and comprehension.

We watched this video... which by the way is wonderful as it brings the book to life!

We also talked about real vs. pretend.  What in the book could be real and what probably wasn't so real.
We sorted bears... real ones vs. pretend ones.

You can download this game here.

And our companion poem was "Five Little Teddy Bears"
   Five little teddy bears standing in a line.
The first one said, "I'm feeling fine".
 The second one said, "Let's go and play".
  The third one said, "Let's play all day!".
 The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run".
   The fifth one said, "Isn't preschool fun?" 

Letter of the Week
I try to incorporate a letter of the week and complete a letter book with my 
children.  The letter book is an engaging way to recognize the letter and the sound,
reinforce the hands-on activities that we do, and the parents love reviewing them
with their children (at least many children over the past years of doing letter books
have told me so).

We learned letter Bb this week.

Here is the cover of our Bb book.  We used dot markers to fill in the letter Bb's.

We matched upper and lowercase Bb's and then sorted the upper and lowercase Bb's.

We put dots with our dot markers on all the letter Bb's on this page.  You can't tell
my children enjoy using dot markers!

 We matched bears by color and identified the letter Bb's as we matched.

 We colored bears the color indicated.

We colored the uppercase B (known as big B) and then helped uppercase B find lowercase b
(known as baby b) by staying in the path.  We colored lowercase b once we found him.  On the 
bottom of the page we colored bears with letter Bb's in them brown.

 Here we found the picture that was different and colored it to identify it was the different one.  A good pre-reading skill for children to have.

 We colored in all the Bb's in each row and then put together a puzzle in which we matched the letters that spelled "bears" to make the puzzle.  We talked about how bear meant one and bears means more than one.  When they finished the puzzle we found out how many bears were in the picture.

On our last page we traced letter Bb's.  They didn't do bad for just turning 3.  Working on those fine motor skills.

A shape matching page is missing.  I must have forgot to take a picture but it is included in the download.

You can download my whole letter Bb book here!

We sequenced the story many times and many ways... here are a few of the ways we did it.
You can find this wonderful sequencing printable here.

We used the 3-D cards from here and some toys to sequence the story.  The children had a lot of fun with this.  You can get the cards from here.

We also colored a sequence page... but I forgot to take a picture of it.  I found my sequence sheet in my resources so I can't share it.

We did some patterning... 

We patterned bears with our bear manipulatives.  You can download the pattern cards here and use
with what ever manipulatives you have and for whatever lesson as they are very open-ended.

We did some more math...
We rolled and dotted the bear with the same number.

We did some painting... 

We fingerpainted bears and then made these fun pictures using real pictures of themselves, the
fingerpainted bears, a black cave, and their own drawings.  I also had them dictate a response to,
"If ____ saw a bear, he/she would ___________________."

A little more painting...

 We finger painted a paper plate, we dot marker-ed one egg carton piece to make these fun
bear masks.

We learned about bears...

 We talked about bears, we connected a dashed line to make a bear, and then used three-part cards to match pictures and words to the right bear.  You can download my three part cards here.

We made a book...

We made this bear hunt book through the week from here.

We learned the concepts of over, under, and through...

We did an over, under, and through obstacle course.

That about sums up what we did that I have pictures for.
Hope you enjoyed our Bear Hunt!

Up next will be "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves".

Hope you will stop back!


  1. We checked this book out not long ago. I made a Sensory Bear Hunt for my girls ( Probably not practical with many kids, but they had fun. Looks like you had some great ideas to go with it!

  2. You have some really great ideas with this book. That's half the battle, to find something to make the book become alive! We just read A Mango in the Hand by Antonio Sacre, it is written in proverbs so it was fun to let the kids have input on what the characters could and would do. I am always looking for books like these, makes reading so much fun for us and the kids. We found this on on If you have any input on some books like this, I would be glad to hear about them! Thanks.

  3. I am so glad that you found your way back from the Bear Hunt, LOL. What a great unit you have put together around this storybook. There are so many wonderful hands on learning activities that I just honestly do not know where to start. I have pinned this onto my Language Arts board. Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

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