Friday, May 13, 2011

Second week of May...

Here where I live we have literally been soaked.  The melting snow on top of a lot of rain... and I mean almost every day in April and May not looking much more promising...we have been flooded.  Could it get any worse?  Well our little mini creek in our backyard became a roaring river!!!  My whole playground was flooded and part of the river.  Here are some pictures... and the mulch you see is floating on water.  Not sure if we will ever get back there to play...  :(

This week we worked on the letter Yy.  We did several activities and did our letter books for Yy.  Below are pictures of our Yy letter books.

We spent one day on frogs.  We talked about them, learned fingerplays about them, moved like them, and did a prewriting activity and made a frog puppet.

We learned about things that belong together.  I got a bunch of toys and separated some of the parts and we put the parts together.  We then did this activity sheet.

We also used garden vegetable pictures to review more and less/most and least.  My kids all get the more and less... it's least they struggle with. 

We also practiced counting and recognizing numbers with a few hands-on activities and this activity sheet.

The remainder of the week we talked and did activities with flowers.  We used one page of Homeschool Creations gardening pack that you can find here to talk about the parts of a flower.

We used water bottles to make flowers.  I got this idea from a blog in which they made spring daisies.  You can view the blog here.  Ours didn't turn out like spring daisies, though, but they are very nice flowers.  We used the bottles with the white paint, fingerpaint for the centers and made stems and leaves with markers.  We used fancy scissors to cut the grass (that is what we call them anyhow).

We made a cut and paste tulip.

We used our number recognition and counting skills to put the right number of petals on the flowers.  They had a tough time with this... they do better with an object (dot markers) than using there fingers.

We matched flowers.

And we waterpainted a plate and made it into a beautiful flower.

Since I operate a family child care... family is a big part of my business.  The kids love my children and my husband.  I snapped a few pictures with my daughter with the daycare kids.  They loved this!

Next week we will be doing letter Zz.  On Friday I am planning an alphabet party... we made it through the whole alpahbet.  We will also be talking a lot on seeds and begin planting some things to watch them grow.

Hope you enjoyed our week!  :)


  1. Great week! There's a button on my page for a garden challenge that you can link to once you do grow your garden =)

  2. And the lurker I am I believe it was mine because we did The Spring Daisies! Yay! Those are so pretty!
    Let me know.

  3. Thanks Lori! I linked your site for the idea. I loved that idea and although mine turned out different... I still loved them.