Thursday, January 26, 2012

Third week in January 2012

Time to breathe for a minute.  It has been quite a crazy week and a half and that is why I haven't posted in awhile.  First of all I am sad to say the new learning boxes for the week didn't get done and we just did the same ones again.  I am working on next weeks... so hopefully I will have some new printables for everyone who uses them. 

It all got crazy when we had to drive to New York to pick up my son who just graduated from The Culinary Institute.  Can I say "green grass" all year so far with just a few inches of snow here and there not lasting more than a day so far this year... and then the day we leave can you guess what happens.  Snow!!!  So bad after picking his girlfriend up in Pittsburgh we actually had to pull off the road for a half hour because we couldn't see the hood of car, let alone the road.  So an 8 hour trip turned into a fourteen and one half hour trip.  We finally made it to our hotel at 3:30 am and had to be on campus for his graduation ceremony by 8:00 am.  Can we say "no sleep"!  His graduation was very nice and good food too!  We decided to spend Friday there and leave on Saturday.  Can you guess what we woke up to on Saturday morning... yep, more snow and bad driving conditions.  It only took us twelve hours to get back though... the closer to Pittsburgh we got the better it got as we had to drive the girlfriend back before returning to Ohio.

Here is a picture of us...
Me, my husband, my son, and his girlfriend

As for the week in daycare, here is what we did...

We worked on letter Nn this week and completed our book.
 This is the cover and we colored the letter Nn's and the net.

 On the left we put together a three piece puzzle of the letter Nn's and colored the eggs
in the nest that began with the letter Nn.  On the right we colored the pictures that are
different and did a pre-writing activity from "Get Set for the Code".

On the left we followed clues and directions to find the "Nn" pictures and color them
from "Get Set for the Code" and we traced letter Nn's.  On the right we used Confessions
of a Homeschoolers letter hunt that you can find here

 On the left we colored pictures that began with the /n/ sound from "Get Set for the Code"
 and we traced letter Nn's.  On the right we drew lines from the picture to the letter the
picture begins with and then colored pictures that begin with the /n/ sound and printed
"n" below the pictures that started with the /n/ sound which are both from "Get Set
for the Code".

 On the left we circled letter Nn's and we traced and printed letter N.  On the right we
circled the letter on the corner of the triangle that the picture inside the triangle begin with and we
traced and printed letter n.

 On the left we printed the letter each picture began with and then circled the picture
that began with the letter in the first box.  On the right we circled the letter the picture
began with and printed/traced Nn's and printed our name.

We continued our Reading book by...
 Working on reading "at" and "an" family words on the left and beginning to read
"ap" family words on the right.

Our arctic study took us to taking a look at many arctic animals.  Here are the animals we learned about and the projects we did with them.

Polar Bears

 I fell in love with these polar bears from I Heart Crafty Things... so we had to
give them a try.  You can get the directions here.

Snowy Owls

 I found this snowy owl project over at Confessions of a homeschooler and thought
they turned out great.  You can get the directions here.


 We made these paper plate penguins that I found here.


 We did a dot-to-dot of a seal.  Sorry I can't remember where I got this.

Musk Ox

 We painted a musk ox.  They were supposed to take and color the horns, eyes and nose
with crayons and then print the fur with a fork.  Well... they thought it was a better idea
to use the fork as a paint brush.

We did a little rhyming activity since rhyming was part of our learning activity boxes this week.

Lastly, we learned about how to use a balance scale and talked a lot about heavy and light

 Hope that gave you a peek into our week. 

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