Friday, April 29, 2011

Last week of April...

Rain, rain go away... come again after we dry out!!!
Between the rain and the wind I'm beginning to feel that either I need to get going and build my "ark" or I just may blow to "Oz".  I know we haven't had it nearly as bad as all the people who are experiencing all the tornadoes... so I probably shouldn't complain... but I so want my yard to dry out so we can play on the grass and on the playground.  The children are getting antsy... very antsy... to play on the playground. Our property slopes to the backyard playground so we have a very muddy situation back there...  :(

This week we finally got preschool in all five days.  We worked on the letter Ww this week.  The children enjoyed the Ww activities we did.  Below is our letter book and some pages we did from Confessions of a Homeschooler that we used for some of our letter Ww activities.

We talked about the concept of long and short.  We used several objects, including ourselves, to determine what was long and what was short.  We then categorized strips of paper into two groups... long or short.

 We also did an activity sheet in which we colored the long item.

 We also did this long and short activity sheet.

 This week we were introduced to the number 14.  We did a lot of counting and the following activity paper.

You can get this one here.

And we reviewed the numbers 9 - 14 using a page I created.  You can download it here.

We completed our bird theme this week. 
We talked about owls and made two owls.  A paper bag owl and we waterpainted an owl.

We talked about the flamingo.  They enjoyed trying to sleep on one leg and try to scoop some shrimp with our imaginary beak... we found our necks weren't long enough!  We also talked about the parts of the flamingo that were long.  We then fingerpainted a flamingo.

We had to talk about our countries bird... the bald eagle.  We made a bald eagle with paper pieces and our hands.

And our last bird we talked about was the ostrich.  We learned a fingerplay about the ostrich and colored an ostrich.

We also through in a bird patterning paper for some more concept practice.

We also played with some floor puzzles this week as our cooperative activity.  I placed the children in groups and they had to work together to make the puzzle.

Hope you enjoyed our week.


  1. Found you through Awesome Kids Printables .. love the Owl Paper Bag Craft!!

  2. Your bald eagle is too cute!! Fun week!