Friday, September 7, 2012

Trekking Across the US ~Iowa

Hi Everyone!  We moved on to the state of Iowa.  Not one of my better units... I have to say as we never really finished it. That really isn't like me but then again this summer was one that just didn't go as planned or have any sense of "normal" in it. 

So here it goes...
 We introduced the state and colored the name and state.
 On the left we found the state on the US map and colored it, we talked about Des Moines being
the capital, and we talked about and colored the state flag.

 We traced and wrote the state name (the younger ones did a pre-writing activity).
 We talked about the state flower... the wild rose... and did a number order puzzle.

 We talked about the state bird... the eastern goldfinch... and we put together a
six piece puzzle (the younger children had a grayscale picture to use as the template
so they could figure out where the pieces went) and then we waterpainted the bird.  I forgot
to take the final pictures of this project.

 Corn is a huge crop in the state of Iowa so we talked about how corn grows and the uses
of corn.  We read a little booklet on corn which I got here seen on the left and then colored corn on the right.

 We painted corn using the dot markers.

 And we had fun playing corn uses memory

 And then we came to a crashing hault!  We would have gone on to talk about
pigs and two attractions of the state... but we didn't get that far.
Hope you enjoyed what we did do...



  1. I think it is so cool to teach kids about the states. My hubby is form Iowa =-) And there is a LOT of corn =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! have a great weekend,Beth =-)

  2. This is a really cool idea. My daughter wants to learn about the states, so I might have to do something similar!