Sunday, May 22, 2011

Third week of May...

A bit more sun this week... I'm happy to say!  We spent much needed time outdoors playing and taking advantage of the sunny, dry weather when we had it. (we still had rain... but those moments of sun and dry were wonderful)

This week we finished up our alphabet with the letter Zz.  The children were very excited to reach the end of the alphabet.  As we always do we did many different activities and completed our weekly letter book.  Below are pictures of our letter book for Zz.

We practiced rhyming using a "garden" theme that you can find here at Homeschool Creations in her gardening pack.

We reviewed our numbers two ways this week.  We used the Homeschool Creations gardening pack to look for the trowel.  As it was each child's turn they would call out the number they thought the trowel was behind.  If the trowel wasn't present we would turn that number over and go on to the next child. 

We also played number bingo.  Both games were very fun for the children.

We also did many gardening activities this week. 
We sorted seed packets from Homeschool Creations garden pack.

We sequenced how a seed grows several times

We used garden tools to compare lengths and match.

We talked about roots and thier job and made a picture with roots.  It is hard to see on this picture but we drew a plant growing above the ground and made yarn roots under the ground.

We did a left to right visual preception activity with flowers, insects, and fruit. We moved from left to right and colored only the flowers and oranges as we moved across the page.

And we made a flowering tree and talked about how a flower makes a seed.  We used a pre-cut tree and made leaves with a green dot marker and glued tissue paper for the flowers.

And how can you do a gardening unit with growing things?  We did several growing and science projects this week to learn more about how seeds grow into plants and how plants work.

We used our window greenhouse to watch lima bean seeds germinate. 

We used our root watcher to grow peas.  The children are amazed at the changes that are made each day.

We are studying what happens to seeds when they are and aren't given water and when they are given water and get sun or stay in the dark.  We are growing pole beans here.

We talked about the job of the stem of a plant and have been observing celery in colored water since much  of the celery is a stem.  They liked how it changed colors and understand how the stem pulls the water up to the leaves.

We are watching what a root will do in water (a potato that the end was cut off).

I think the children will be very surprised and very pleased with how things progressed over the weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping over and seeing all the fun things we did this past week!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what we did.

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