Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fourth Week of May...

This was a slower week.  We are done with our curriculum and I'm not ready to start our summer curriculum until May 9th... so I'm rethinking what we will be doing until that point.  We had two play days this week on Monday and Friday and I know the children enjoyed them but missed our learning time as well on those days.

Since we finished the alphabet last week we spent some time doing some alphabet review activities.  We did some letter recognition and beginning sound activities with these circle puzzles I found.  The letters were pre-glued by me and the children had to figure out the beginning sound in the picture and match them with the letter that makes that sound.  Our letter books paid off because they did very well with this activity.

We found the matching lowercase letter to the uppercase letter that you can download here from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

And we played letter bingo that I didn't take a picture of.

We talked about worms in the garden and why worms are useful to any garden.  We then did a number ordering activity using worms.

And we waterpainted worms... well kind of cartoony worms.

We talked about how we could find ladybugs in the garden and why some bugs are good for our garden and why some bugs aren't good for our garden.
We did a shape review activity with the ladybug.

We matched spots on wings of the ladybug.

We fingerpainted a ladybug.  First we used a black crayon to make the black spots and the fingerpaint resisted the crayon when we painted the ladybug with our fingers. 

And we used stamp art and made a flowery, sunny, ladybug picture.  Here is what the children came up with.

We also watched our plants grow and grow and grow.  So I currently have the task of thinking where in my shadey yard with many deer... where we can plant them in hopes we can watch them grow. 

And that concludes our short week!  Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend... we will be bound again to New York to drop one of my son's off the the Culinary Institute so he can continue his education after his externship in Pittsburgh.  Can't wait for him to come home in July and cook for me!!!  Mmmmm!  They get three weeks off in the summer and are right back at it.

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