Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Last Week in November...

This week was a very short week for us. We made Thanksgiving cards on Monday and I forgot to take a picture, so I can't share them with you. We used a template from for the inside of the card and did a coloring page for the front of the card. They turned out really cute.

On Tuesday we had our annual "Thanksgiving Feast" in which I cooked a turkey, mashed potato, and dressing and my daycare families each brought a dish and we all shared a meal together. I am very lucky that all of my children had a parent or grandparent to share the meal with. They gave their cards that we made on Monday to the adult who attended. This is always a highlight for the daycare and the children get so excited!

On Wednesday we did a trace and match Thanksgiving page. Again I forgot to take a picture. :(

We matched numbers from which was a fun way to recognize numbers.

We waterpainted scarecrows. I find it so interesting how they use colors on their waterpaintings.

Lastly, we had fun playing a game in which they take soft socks rolled into balls and threw them back and forth. They really enjoyed this game and used a lot of energy playing. Another provider gave me this idea on on of my provider lists.

Hope everyone has a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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