Friday, November 19, 2010

Our third week in November

This week we learned the letter Ii. We did many activities to reinforce the letter Ii and the short sound of Ii. Below is our letter book for the letter Ii. I used many of the resources I've collected over the years. I also posted our letter song that I got from Mrs. Jones Kindergarten site. I love having a letter song to sing to reinforce the letter and sound. We also do many phonemic awareness skills with the words for the song like clap the syllables.

We did a math turkey project in which we needed to match the dots on the feathers to the numbers on the turkey to know where the feathers needed to be glued down. We then decorated our turkeys.

We then talked a lot about the Native Americans... who they were and how they are related to Thanksgiving. We made a Native American paper piecing.

We continued our conservation unit by talking about the proper way to wash our hands and face and how much water we should use so that we don't waste water. We did the following activity sheet and talked as we colored how much water to use in the sink and a picture of them at the sink. We are always reviewing proper handwashing procedures as it is so important in a daycare setting.

We continued our talk about the Native Americans and did a stringing activity to make our Indian necklaces.

And then we made Indian corn. We used little bottle painters to make the colorful corn and fingerpaint to make the husk.

We made a thankful turkey in which we wrote one thing that we were thankful for. This was a very difficult task for my group as many of them picked things they could see at that moment vs. things like their family, homes, food, etc.

We talked a lot about Pilgrims... who they were, where they came from, and how the first Thanksgiving evolved. We waterpainted stand-up pilgrims and iserted their picture for the face. The children thought these were the greatest things, because the Pilgrim became them.

Hope you enjoyed our activities!

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