Friday, November 19, 2010

Our First Week of November...

Welcome to our first week of November. This week we are working on many different things. We focused all week on the letter Gg doing many different activities. Below I have our "Letter Gg Books" that I made using many resources I've collected over the years.

We talked a lot about the concept of more in which we looked at sets to determine which one has more with objects. We looked at containers full of liquid and decided which one had more. And to reinforce we did the following activity sheets.

This month we are focusing some of our time on conservation. We talked about how electricity gets into our homes and why we must conserve electricity. We also talked about safety around electricity. We made a light switch to remind us to turn lights off when we leave a room. We also talked about how water comes into our homes and made pipes from the water tower to the faucet.

We talked about owls this week. One of our owl projects was to cut brown paper strips and make a collage owl.

We are going to be talking a lot about Thanksgiving so we made two different turkeys. The first turkey we fingerpainted and added features. The second is a traced hand turkey found at as one of the daily art activities on childcareland.

We talked about the concept of between and put many objects between others. After they had a good understanding of between we did the following activity where they had to glue an airplane between the clouds and glue a boy between the trees.

We learned the nursery rhyme, Georgie Porgie, and extended it by reviewing rhyming. We found the rhyming words in the rhyme and then built pies using rhyming picture words.

We learned the color orange this week and did many activities to identify orange. We did an orange coloring sheet and found orange objects in our math counting manipulatives. While finding orange objects in our math manipulatives we used math to make sets of so many orange objects depending on the number shown.

We learned the concept of upside down in which we all looked through our legs to see the world upside down. We used some of our math patterning pieces to find the one piece that was upside down. And we did a coloring sheet in which we colored the pictures that were upside down.

Lastly, we talked about what a cornucopia is and the meaning behind it. Then we did a paper piecing activity to make a cornucopia.

Just a quick peek at our front bulletin board.

Hope you enjoyed all the different activities we did this week!

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