Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Week of December

I was on vacation since Thanksgiving... so I had no kids this past week. It was very enjoyable and quiet in my home! I was able to get my holiday shopping done, holiday decor up in my house, spend more time with my own children, and get a few things done for December's preschool curriculum.

I got our sensory rice tub ready to go for the Christmas season. I'm hoping the children will have a lot of creative fun playing with the materials in this tub.

I also put together a new fun water activity... through my travels I found a cute little magnet fishing set for $1.00. I also found a turtle and dolphin that grow as they sit in the water. My son has already found this quite enjoyable.

I made a "builders" game for our learning stations in which you can download.

and here are the pieces

And I made name plates that I print each child's name and laminate. Every day we use these name plates to trace our names with dry erase markers (as they erase nicely on laminated items)... we can also print our name on the back on our own.

Have a great week everyone!!!

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