Friday, November 18, 2011

Third week in November 2011

Hello everyone!  The holidays are quickly approaching... I love this time of year even though I'm always much more busy than I would normally be.  I found some great ideas... thank you Pinterest... to do with my little darlings to prepare for Thanksgiving.  You can view my boards here.  So below I have posted what we did this week... well, most of it.

We did learn about the Letter Ii this week... but I chose to have a Freeday Friday in which we just played so we will finish them up on Monday... so I will post the whole book next week since my post will be small since I will only have three days with the daycare next week.  So look for it then if you are interested.

We did continue our "My Body Books" with the following topics...
Our eyes.  We talked about how our eyes help us see.  We looked closely (with a magnifine glass) at each others eyes and talked about what we saw.  We did a Dora eye chart that you can get here and talked about what an eye doctor does when you go for an eye exam.  We made some "cool" glasses from the here.  And we did an eye page for our books.
 Eye chart

 They thought these were a hoot!  I cut the glasses out for the game with the above link (we did
not play the game) and then I used pipe cleaners to make the part that goes from the frame
back to the ear.  We did have to wind the pipe cleaners a bit around the ears so they would stay on.

 Our book page.

Our ears.  We talked about what our ears do.  We listened to a tape and tried to guess the sound it was playing (they were all familiar sounds) and they enjoyed this.  And then we completed our book pages.
 This is one of our book pages in which we colored ears and circled things we can hear.

We also made a page with corregated cardboard in which they run a popsicle stick across
and they can hear the sound it makes.

Our heart.  We talked about how and why exercise is good for our heart.  We did some exercises and then we did the following page for our book.

For Thanksgiving we...
Made bean mosaic turkeys which I found here.
 I loved the idea of the children having to sort and find the beans they picked and needed.

We talked about the Pilgrims coming over on the Mayflower and what that voyage was like and we made two versions of the Mayflower from here and here.
 We fingerpainted the ocean and the clouds.

 We used a traced and cut hand and a pieces of white paper for the sails to make our first

 We painted a paper plate brown.  We cut it in half and glued and stapled it so it
would be in the shape of a ship. 

We taped straws for the masts, cut white paper for the sails, and took pictures and cut them
out.  They love anything with themselves in the art... so they loved these.

We dot markered cornucopias of course after I explained there meaning... they were supposed to be mosaics but I just knew the children that day wouldn't have the patience needed for that project.  They were overjoyed that I brought the dot markers out because they haven't seen them in awhile.  The pattern came from here along with the mosiac idea.

We also made corn in which we again used the dot markers and colored the corn and then crumpled tissue paper to make the corn.

We made Pilgrims after talking about who the Pilgrims were.  I found the idea from here.

And turkeys made out of bags which I found here.

Our last activity was hearing the story, "The Little Red Hen", in which we used puppets to tell the story.  Each child had a role to play... one was the dog, one was the cat, and one was the duck.  They really enjoyed being part of the story.  Then we finished up by making our own little book.

Hope you enjoyed our week!  We sure had fun with all the Thanksgiving projects!  We have a few more left for next week and our Thanksgiving Feast.  Hope you'll join us!

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  1. Love the bean mosaic & mayflower ship - way fun!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Have a GREAT thanksgiving & we'll see you next week,
    Beth =-)

  2. You had so many fun activities with the kids!!! And they all looked awesome. I especially loved the bean mosaic turkeys :) Stopping by from TGIF and I am now your newest GFC follower. Hope you can stop by my blog and follow me back :)

    MiaB from