Friday, November 4, 2011

First Week of November 2011

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!
Below is what we did on Halloween...

Costumes are always important...
The daycare kids

And my youngest and my grandson...

The Halloween activities we did during learning time...
A prewriting activity in which we talked about making sure to brush teeth after eating candy from
here (1+1+1=1 candy preschool pack).

Sorting fruit and candy and talking about sugar and which is healthier from here (1+1+1=1 candy preschool pack).

Color by number the candy from here (1+1+1=1 candy preschool pack).

Find the letter game from here (1+1+1=1 candy preschool pack).  We took our lowercase letters and picked one, identified it, and colored in the matching candy with the uppercase letter on the page.

And we rolled and graphed candy from here (from 1+1+1=1 preschool candy pack).

 Of course there was time for a party... playing games and passing treat bags.  Below is a picture of us playing musical chairs.

And then we took a break on Tuesday.  I only had two that day and we were all tired from Halloween the night before.  Playing is always a fun day though!!!

And then our week continued as normal.
We learned the letter Gg this week and did a Letter Gg Book.  A lot of my ideas are taken from the Getting Ready for the Code.  Below is our Gg book.
 This is our cover.  We colored the Gg's and the gas pump.  They were so excited to write
numbers to say how much their gas was.... if only it were true ($1.21 to fill up).

 On the left we put together our letter puzzles and did a prewriting activity from Getting Ready for
the Code.  On the right we colored gumballs pink that had a letter Gg and we found the one
that was different from Getting Ready for the Code.

 On the left we found letter Gg's in two different activities from Getting Ready for the Code.
On the right we did a following directions game using pictures that began with the /g/ sound
and we traced letter Gg's.

 On the left we colored pictures that began with the /g/ sound and traced letter Gg's.  On the
right we circled the letter the sound the picture began with and we colored the pictures that
began with the /g/ sound and then printed g's under the picture.

 On the left we did Confession of a Homeschoolers letter hunt for Gg which you can find here.
On the right we drew lines from the letter to the picture that began with the sound that letter
makes and we traced/printed letter Gg's.

 On the left we circled the letter that the picture in the triangle begins with and we wrote letters
for the beginning sound of each picture.  On the right we decided whether the /g/ sound was at
the beginning or ending of each picture word and then colored the first box if we heard it at
the beginning and the second box if we heard it at the end.

We were introduced to our new community helper puppet Dr. Ling... so this month we will have some activities that are related to staying healthy, what a doctor does, and our bodies. (Sorry... I forgot to take a picture of him)

We pretended to be Dr. Ling and explored stethoscopes.  We listened to our own heartbeat and they listened to mine and compared the two.  Then they exercised and listened again to their heartbeat and talked about how their heart sounded different after exercising.

We made a book about a visit to the doctor's office.  This is what they came up with and can you tell they weren't in a drawing mood.

Since we will be talking a lot about our bodies this month... we will be creating a "My Body Book".  We started our first page today in which we just colored a picture of our self.  Stay tuned as you will see more over the month. 

We measured heights like a doctor would using 2TeachingMommies measure the patient from here.

We played Cover the Boo Boo from 2TeachingMommies from here.

We talked about ambulances and we sang an ambulance song, played an ambulance game, and we made an ambulance play mat.
 The person wearing the red bowel was the ambulance.  Everyone else drove around our daycare room
but when the ambulance came out with its siren blaring, we all pulled over to let the ambulance

We made ambulance play mats in which they drove on roads that they made to get to
the hurt/sick people and get them to the hospital.  This became an all day activity that
they kept adding to and even added matchbox cars.

We are still working on the same sight words and the -at an -an family of words.  I am taking it slow as this group needs to move slow.  We read two stories this week... one from Hooked on Phonics and one from Moffatt Girls and their Ready2Read program that you can get here.

The children were having fun playing tic tac toe this week during free choice time.  Here they are with the dry erase boards having fun playing, drawing and writing.

Hope you enjoyed our week!
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