Friday, November 11, 2011

Second Week of November 2011

Hello... and welcome to our second week in November 2011.  We had some great weather this week... so we spent some time outdoors... although we still managed to get a lot done during our learning time.  And we ended the week with some snow... very exciting stuff in preschool!  Below is what we did this week.

This week we introduced the letter Hh and completed our "Letter Hh Books".  Below is a copy of our Hh books. 
 Above is the cover of our Letter Hh Book.  We colored the letter and the hat
on this page.
 On the left we built two three-piece puzzles to make an upper/lowercase letter Hh.  We
also colored the spaces on the hat that have a letter Hh.  On the right we used "Getting Set
For the Code" pages in which we found the one that is different (they are getting really good
at finding differences) and a pre-writing activity in which we followed the path.

 On the left we again used pages from "Getting Set for the Code" in which we found pictures
using direction clues.  I change the directions and try to make the majority of the directions two-step
directions.  We also found pictures that began with the /h/ sound.  On the right we used
Confessions of a Homeschoolers letter hunt page.  You can find it here.

 On the left we found pictures that began with the /g/, /f/ and /h/ sounds and at the bottom we
colored pictures with colored pictures that began with the /h/ sound and printed the lowercase h.
On the right we circled the letter the picture began with and traced letter Hh's.  Most of these
activities were found in "Get Set For the Code".

 On the left we circled the letter the picture begins with.  On the right we drew lines from
pictures that started with the /h/ sound to the h.  We also traced/printed letter Hh's.

 On the left we named the picture, circled the letter it starts with and printed the letter.  We
also traced/printed letter Hh's.  On the right we named the pictures and printed the letter
it began with.

We finished our "Reading Books #2".  Below is what we did.
 We used 1+1+1=1 "You Can Read Sight Words" set 2 and found words in a block of letters
and put together puzzles of the sight words.  You can find it here.

And we did a sentence building activity.  We cut the words for a sentence and put them
in order to make a sentence.
We started talking about Thanksgiving.
Turkeys were part of our Thanksgiving talks this week.
We listened to the story board story of "The Turkey's Tail".  The story is about Tom Turkey who wasn't happy because the farm animals thought he was ugly being brown and wanted to be the most beautiful turkey.  He thought changing the colors of his tail would make him more beautiful... but found it didn't.  At the end he goes back to being a brown turkey and Dickey Duck tells him he likes him brown best of all and in Tom's excitement he spreads his tail feathers very wide and all the colors show.
Below are pictures of my story board.  They were made on poster board which was laminated.  I cut a slit just above the turkey's tail to fit the different color tails into the story board.  I made each tail a different color and on the brown tail I used a brad and had feathers to open up so all the colors would show.  The children from year to year just love this story!

We then made Tom Turkeys.
We painted a plate brown.

 We colored feathers and a head.

Cut the plate in half... glued the feathers and head to the inside of the plate and put the other half on top.  And here is the final product...

We did a turkey color by number that you can find here.

We did a "which one is different" thanksgiving activity that you can find here.

We did a patterning activity sheet with the Thanksgiving theme that you can find here.

We followed directions to find the right picture.  You can find this here.

We did a counting activity that you can find here.

We also played find the hidden turkey behind a number... a great number recognition game, by the way, that I found here.

And then we ordered the numbers.

Native Americans or Indians were our next topic of our Thanksgiving discussions.
We talked about where some Native Americans lived... that being tepees.  We found out that the women make the tepees and were very proud of their tepees.  We learned that the Native Americans had "good tepee manners" and compared them to what good manners are today.  And we learned that tepees were in the shape of a cone.
After talking about tepees I thought making one would be fun.  So we fingerpainted the template we got here.

This is the tepee put together.

We did a dot-to-dot tepee.

We also made canoes.  We talked about ways that Native Americans traveled and how they made canoes.
Here are our finished canoes... the pictures don't give them justice though.

I also thought it would be fun to do a sink or float using clay by trying to make a canoe out of the clay and make it float.  I found this idea from here and thought it might even be fun to add pennies to our canoes to see who's would float with the most.  Well... we found our clay wasn't working and everything sank (I think because our clay was more like playdough).  So needless to say, it didn't work.  I will eventually pick up a better material and we will try this again.  Here are a few photo's of our water play gone wrong...

We made our own Native Americans.  I found the idea on Piniterest which you can view here.

We continued our "My Body Book" this week too.

We talked about our sense of taste in which we tasted some foods.
We looked at each other's tongues and described what we saw.

We tasted some sour (lemon), sweet (candy), salty (chips), and bitter (unsweetened chocolate)

We learned that different places on our tongues taste certain kinds of foods.  We placed a food picture next to the part of the tongue that would taste it.

We talked about eating healthy foods.  We looked at a food pyramid and talked about what healthy eating is.  Then we completed our next page for our body books.

That was our week!!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what we did and maybe even get an idea from it, for those who teach young children.


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    Thanks for sharing & linking to the Sunday Showcase! Hope to see you this week.