Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fourth Week of November 2011

Hello Everyone!  Can I say short week... yes I can!!!  We had a regular Monday, a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, and only one child will be in attendance on Wednesday.  Then starting on Wednesday evening at about 5:30 pm (maybe earlier) I will start my winter vacation and will be off until Dec. 5 when the children will return to daycare. 

I was so excited to see the response to the two snowmen games I made... so hopefully in the coming week (plus) I will have time to make some other things.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment, email, or downloaded it. 

Moving along... our week looked like this...
We finished up our Letter Ii Books and as I promised I posted what they looked like below.
 This is the cover and like always we colored the letter Ii and the igloo.

 On the left we made our three piece puzzles for each the upper and lowercase I.  We also
colored spaces with the letter Ii in the igloo.  On the right we looked for the picture that
was different and did a pre-writing activity.

 On the left we did a spin and graph and traced letter Ii's.  On the right we did a letter
search that you can find here.

 On the left we circled the letters that were the same as the one in the box and we
found Ii pictures from clues and then followed two part directions to color the picture.
On the right we found the picture that began with the short /i/ sound in each row and
traced the letter Ii's.

 On the left we found the letter and circled the letter that the picture began with and traced/printed
some letter Ii's.  On the right we named the picture, circled the letter that made the beginning
sound and wrote the letter.  We also traced/printed letter Ii's.

 On the left we colored a picture in each box that began with the short /i/ sound and traced/printed
letter Ii's.  On the right we circled the letter that the picture name began with.

We then did a few skill building Thanksgiving activities.
 We colored the pilgrim according to the color word that I got through Childcareland
on one of her daily learning activities.  You can view her site here.  My children still can't
100% read or know the color words so they had to use our color balloons to figure out
some of the color words.

 This was a cutting activity where they had to cut and paste two pieces of the pie.  We then
colored the pie.

 This activity we had to color the turkey's feathers that had a "letter" in it.  They did
very well at this and it is a skill they need prior to Kindergarten.

And our last activity was a turkey match.

On Tuesday we prepared and had our Thanksgiving Feast.  This has become an annual event that we do each year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We invite a parent/grandparent/or someone the child knows to come to daycare at lunch.  Each family signs up for one item to bring to the event and I make the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, rolls and whatever else is needed.  The special guest comes at 12:00 noon to eat with the child.  The children enjoy this greatly and I think the parents or special guests do too.  We had a wonderful meal this year with wonderful conversation.  The children were delighted to have someone come eat with them at daycare.  I told myself to take several pictures... but well... I got caught up in the moment and didn't get to it.  So I'm sorry but I have no pictures to show.

Short and sweet week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and has many family and friends to share it with.  I will be cooking for 22 guests this year... one of the largest groups we've had in several years... and I know we will have good food, good company, and many blessing to be thankful for this year.

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