Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Week of April

Another week filled full of a lot of activities. We had a lot of rain and dreary weather this week and not a whole lot of time spent outdoors. I am hoping for some better weather next week, as we need to get outdoors to burn some energy.

This week we focused on the letter Uu. Below is a copy of their Letter Uu Book.

We also did some bottle cap letters this week. This is such a great idea! Bottle caps, that is. Not sure who came up with the idea but I've seen it on several blogs. Well, I've been wanting to do this and my husband came through and got me tons and tons of bottle caps! The creative juices are flowing... now if only I can come up with some extra time. Anyways, we did bottle cap matching mats that I had in my resource file from "Teddy Bear Lane Childcare" in which we matched the uppercase bottle caps to the lowercase letters in the nests.

Once we finished that we took the bottle caps and put them in ABC order.

We learned about number 10 this week and did the following three activity papers.

We practiced ordering our numbers from 1 to 10.

Birds is our theme for the next two weeks
We started off talking about what we already know about birds... they have feathers, they eat worms and seeds, they can fly are just a few of the ideas shared. We then played Bird Memory with cards I had in my resource file using our pocket chart. The children really love this game and find it so exciting when someone comes up with a match.

We then made these cute whirling birds that I saw here. I thought they turned out cute.

We made a dot marker bird out of a paper plate. We dot markered the whole paper plate, cut out feet and a beak, added the tail and stappled the plate shut. We added the eye and drew some wings.

We waterpainted a bird.

We talked about robins. We saw pictures of the male and female and talked about how they are the same and how they are different. We also talked about why they are different. We then made a "little robin redbreast".

And with our robin discussion we had to paint some robin eggs. And yes, I know they are blue but honestly this was our blue fingerpaint and some how it turned purple. Not sure how this happened because the last time we used it, it was blue! So we made purple with blue glitter speckled robin eggs. Well the children still enjoyed the project but the speculations for how the paint turned purple was quite funny!

We also did the activity poem "Little Robin Redbreast" in which we held our hand up like a bird using the thumb as the head and the little finger as the tail (the rest of the fingers were down). Little Robin Redbreast Sat upon a rail. Wiggle waggle went his head And wiggle waggle went his tail.

We learned the rhyme "Two Little Blackbirds" and colored they rhyme paper.

We did two different blackbird crafts... we did a paper piecing from here and we made a tissue paper blackbird. You can find the pattern here.

We did a bird pre-writing paper.

We used the bird theme to talk about up and down. We sang the "Grand Old Duke of York" and did the up and down movements to it. I told them a story about a bird learning how to fly... when flop, down he went. They moved the birds on the activity sheet to go with the story up in the nest and down on the ground. They thought this was really fun and we had to do it a couple times before putting the bird up in the nest and coloring the page.

And our last bird activity of the week was talking about feathers. We talked about who has feathers, the purpose of the feathers, and how feathers are light making it easy for birds to fly. We dropped a marker and a feather and guessed which one would fall fastest. They loved watching the feather slowly fall! Then we colored a bird and glued feathers all over it.

I plan to continue our bird theme next week so be looking for activities with birds. Hope you enjoyed our week!

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