Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Third Week in January...

Already three weeks into January... hard to believe we are moving through the month so fast! We have a lot of snow here, frigid temperatures are moving in (again), and we have been busy learning farm animals. The children are enjoying it and it makes me feel a little warmer doing "animals" in January vs. more appropriate winter themes!

This week we learned the letter Nn. We learned our letter movement, played some games, sang our letter song from Mrs. Jones Kindergarten, and completed our letter books. Below are the pictures of this weeks letter book.

We did a few activities for Martin Luther King Day on Tuesday (Monday I had low attendance and the children really enjoyed a "play day"). We talked about Martin Luther King, read a little book (not sure where it came from) called "My Friend, Martin", we played a game called "Fair or Not Fair" in which I called out things and they decided if that rule was fair or not fair (Only girls can get a snack today or Anybody wearing brown socks can have a piece of candy). We then made a "Let Peace Begin With Me" wreath (photo below).

We learned about the number five this week by doing many activities. I think the favorite was doing 5 movements (5 sit ups, 5 toe touches, 5 hand claps, etc). We played games, counted objects, and did several activity sheets.

Lastly, this week we began talking about farm animals. We started off making a barn with farm animals.

We did a few activity papers identifying animals that live on the farm.

And talked and made cows and sheep.

Here is what our closet door of activities so far this month look like.

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of our activities. I am updating my paperwork and hoping I can get some better pictures of the children up and onto my blog.

Until next week...

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