Friday, January 14, 2011

Second week of January...

This is the time of the year that seems to move in slow motion... we have plenty of snow, the outdoor temperature all week has been very cold (wind chills in the single digits or teens) and we haven't been outdoors at all. It seems as though the walls start closing in and the childrens voices are extremely loud so we have been working on talking quietly and making sure we get plenty of indoor large motor activity.

This week we were introduced to the letter Mm. As we have in the past... we completed a letter Mm book and sang a letter Mm song from Mrs. Jones Kindergarten website. She has several choices and I make a pocket chart song to work with the children (although I didn't get a picture this week). Below are pictures of our letter Mm book.

We were introduced to the number 4 this week. We did many hands-on activities to learn the number four. We also did several activity sheets to reinforce what we learned.

We also reviewed all the numbers we've learned... 0-4 ...and did some activities to review along with a few activity sheets.

We talked about the color pink and colored a pink pig and painted a paper plate pink and made it into a pig.

This week we talked about some animals that could be pets... like the pig above. We also talked about the turtle and the fish. We paper pieced a turtle and then colored it with our markers and crayons. And with the fish, we used crayons to draw plants in the fish bowl and used fingerpaints to paint with (we will finish next week as the paint didn't dry fast enough)and we will cut both out and put the fish in the bowl. We also waterpainted a fish. My kids love to paint so I always try to get several painting projects in a week.

That pretty much sums up our week of learning. I hope to remember to take more pictures of the hands-on activities we do... but we get so into it, I kind of forget. Hope you enjoyed what we did.

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