Friday, January 28, 2011

Last week of January....

We had another busy week. This week we reviewed the letters we have learned up to this point (letters Aa - Nn) doing as many activities that would help with recognizing them and learning sound recognition. We played many different games and did many different activities. Below I have posted some.

We started off using "Ned's Head" a game a daycare parent got me a few years back. I put all the lowercase (blue blocks) into Ned's Head. I then scattered all the uppercase letters onto the table (yellow blocks). The children each took turns pulling a lowercase letter from Ned's Head and matching it with an uppercase letter.

After we matched all the letters we ordered the letters. I grouped the children and gave them either the uppercase letters or the lowercase letters and each child in the group took turns placing the next letter. Then we switched letters so they had a turn with the other set.

We used the pocket chart several times this week. Below is an activity where we matched picture words with the letter for its beginning sound.

Another pocket chart activity we did was to match lowercase letters to uppercase letters and then picture cards to the letter with the beginning sound.

We played letter bingo several times this week. They had to fill up their whole card to call out BINGO.

We did some letter recognition activity sheets.

And we did some sound recognition pages.
These can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

And these are my creation in which I will post a link once the whole set is done.

We also practiced tracing all the letters we've learned and our names.

We were introduced to the number six this week and here are some of the activity sheets we did. We also tied six into some of our animal crafts.

This week we continued talking about farm animals.
We made horse, cat, duck, and mouse.

We fingerpainted a horse and added yarn for the mane and tail.

We made a cat and glued six whiskers on once we were done decorating.

We made a duck as a paper piecing project and then decorated and added six feathers.

We made a mouse in which we talked about gray, what black and white mixed together make, and then painting the mouse. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project but we added a pom-pom nose, yarn whiskers, and a wiggle eye.

We also did some skills using the farm theme.
Where does it belong.

What do they give us.



Which one is smaller.

These are the majority of the activities for the week. I hope you enjoyed them.
Until next week...

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