Friday, September 7, 2012


We spent a day talking about sailboats prior to starting our first week of school... I guess a way to say good-bye to summer kind of thing.

 We matched sailboats.

 We glued shapes onto a template to make a sailboat and decorated it the
way we wanted to.

 We oreder sailboats from biggest to smallest.

 We made rocking boat sailboats.  The children loved playing with these.  I love
when they can make something and get dramatic play out of it.

Lastly, we had a small and big sailboat that we floated in our water tub.  We then took our
sea counter and saw how many sea friends it would take to sink each boat.  We predicted which
one would have the most friends and the least friends and how many friends it would be.  As you
can see our little boat sank first.  We had fun making predictions and testing to see if we were right.
And that was our sailboat day.

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