Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Third Week of June 2012 through the first week of August 2012

Besides having a lot of fun...

I've once again managed to have gotten behind on the blog.  Summer is hard to keep up with everything and this summer I have been more busy than most.  Here is what we've been up to...

We finished up our Wild West Theme by doing the following...
We did a roll and graph and we found the one that is different.

 We sorted by size and we put together a puzzle.

 And we made a paper piecing cow to conclude our unit.  Sorry but I don't remember where I
found much of the materials as its been awhile.

We did our state study of Illinois.  Here is what we did.

We started our state books like we normally coloring the state on the cover, finding the state on the US map, talking about the capital, the flag, and the spelling of the state... but I forgot to take pictures of this... so I'll leave it to your imagination.

 We learned that the state bird is the cardinal and did a number order puzzle... the one on the right was for the toddlers in my group and showed the numbers on a blank template so they could match the pieces and on the left was for my pre-k children which they did on their own.

 We learned that the state flower was the violet and did a color by number.

 We learned that Abe Lincoln lived in this state and that you can visit his house.

 The state mammal is the white tailed deer and talked about the deer and colored it.

 And we made white tailed deer our way.

 The state reptile is the painted turtle.  We learned about the painted turtle.

We waterpainted painted turtles.

 We looked at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago and put together two-piece puzzles
of the fountain.

We found out that Walt Disney was born in Illinois so we colored Mickey Mouse.

We talked about Wrigley's Field and colored a baseball player and then made a boy into
a baseball player by giving him the right gear. 

 We also did an Ice Cream Theme.

Some of our projects...
 We fingerpainted the right number of scoops to each cone.

We made mosaic ice cream cones.

 We used dot markers to make ice cream cones.

Our ice cream skill book...

 Cover... we made an ice cream out of 3 pieces and decorated.

 On the left we did a pre-writing activity and a picture/shadow matching.  On the right
we did a spin and graph.

 On the left we sorted letter Ii's and sorted ice cream cones by size.  On the right we
found the one that was different.

 We read our color words (tots had the word colored so they could see what the word was) and
colored the ice cream accordingly.

 We matched ice creams to the cones.

 We did a number order puzzle and tots did a two piece puzzle activity.

 Older children did a counting activity on the left and a size matching activity on
the right.

 Tots did a shape match and a color book.

 Older children did a find the missing number and an ordering sheet.

 We waterpainted and made an ice cream sundae.

And we topped it off with a ice cream sundae party with cake that my school-agers
made during quiet time.

We also did some letter stuff, reading stuff, a few 4-th of July projects, and lots of painting/craft projects that I didn't take pictures of.

Hope you enjoyed reading about what we did.  Thanks for stopping by.


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