Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning Activity Boxes ~Third week in Feb. 2012

Hello Everyone.  Last week I didn't change out my learning box activities so there is no post for last week.  Here is what I have going on this week.

Valentine's Day Alphabet Game

I got these from Jean in her 1-2-3 Curriculum members section.  She has a lot of
activities there and will make making my boxes much easier.

Heart Color Matching
I found this activity sheet and decided it would be great to use those
power magnets with it.  The children like using the magnets... so I knew it would
motivate them. I got this from here.

Monster Love
I found this here and my children love, love, love doing this!!!  They pick a
card and color the heart with that letter on it.

Magnet Counting
Another printable by 1-2-3 Curriculum.  We use the power magnets and place the magnets
in the row by color and number.

Heart Rhyming
Pair the hearts with their rhyming partner.  I got this from here.

Magnet Sheet
I got this from here.

Counting and Lacing
Using the number on the heart the children lace that many hearts on to the pipe
cleaner.  I found this here.

And here we are in action...


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