Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Third week of December 2011

Hello Everyone!
Posting a little late... but wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Things have been very much off due to Christmas and will remain that way until next year.  So I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year too!

We had a lot of things to get done during our third week of Christmas... like our handprint calendar.  I love these calendars and when I made them many years ago my parents just loved them.  This year I used the template from Jean at 123Learn Curriculum and the handprint ideas from Little Giraffes.

I used my laminator and my binding machine to make these calendars.  This is just a sample of one (sorry about the glare)...

We also did our annual (very small) Christmas Party.  For our party I typically buy big gifts that stay here at the daycare and I give them a small something to take home.  Here we are opening our presents.

 Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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