Saturday, October 22, 2011

Third Week of October 2011

This week we were introduced to the letter Ff.  Our letter book is below and most of it came from "Get Ready for the Code" and one page came from Confessions of a Homeschooler... so I won't be able to share most of it this week.  You can get the pages I can share from here.

 This is the cover we colored the letter Ff's and the fox.

 On the left we made three piece letter Ff puzzles and we colored the parts of the fox with
letter Ff's red.   On the right we found the one that was different and did a pre-writing page
from "Get Ready for the Code".

On the left we found pictures that began with the /f/ sound and followed two step directions
and we circled the f's in each row.  On the right we found pictures that began with the /f/ sound
and traced letter Ff's.  Most of these activities came from "Getting Ready for the Code". 

 On the left we did a letter hunt from "Confessions of a Homeschooler" which you can find here.

 On the left we drew lines from the "f" to the pictures that began with the /f/ sound and we
traced/printed letter Ff's.  On the right we circled the letter the picture began with and we colored
and wrote a letter f under each picture that began with the /f/ sound.

 On the left we circled the letter the picture started with and traced/printed letter Ff's.  On
the right we colored the pictures that began with /f/ brown and the rest of the pictures
green.  That came from "First Phonics".

We continued to work on our sight words I, can, me, and you and continued to review the -at family of words and began the -an family of words.  Here is what we did in our Reading #2 Books.
 On the left we circled sight words and connected sight words to make shapes.  We got
these from here.  On the right we read the -at and -an family of words from Hooked
on Phonics.

 We sorted -at and -an family of words.

And we traced the sight words and found them in sentences that we worked on reading.  You
can find these here.

We did some pumpkin activities.

We heard the story, "Chad's Halloween Pumpkin" in which we used the pieces above to determine
how the pumpkin in the story was growing.  We then sequenced the growth of
a pumpkin.

 We measured pumpkin vines using pumpkin units.  We got this activity from here.

 We put together a pumpkin number order puzzle from here.

 We fingerpainted and made pumpkins.

 We did another number order puzzle from here.

 We heard and learned the poem "Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate" and
did an art activity to extend it.

We also heard the peek-a-boo book from High Reach Learning called "In the Pumpkin Patch".
The first page looked like this.

 We learned some interesting things about rabbits... rabbits love to eat vegetables, the female
is called a doe and the male a buck, they weigh about 2-4 pounds, and they come out at
night to find food. We made these rabbit cuffs from a cut toilet paper tube and then
hopped around like rabbits.  Can you tell we enjoyed this!!!

The next page of the peek-a-boo story looked like this.

 We learned some things about mice... they love to eat insects and seeds from plants, when they
are born they are blind and have no hair, they have a good sense of smell, and they come out
at night to look for food.  We made some mice masks... very colorful mice masks!  I sang
 a song about the mice hurry, scurry looking for food and then
hiding from the cat, and taking a rest.  The children had fun acting out the song.

The next page of our peek-a-boo book was about raccoons.  We learned about raccoons and made the
following projects.
 We made raccoon paper bag puppets.  You can find the directions here.

 We did a number activity in which we added the number of stripes indicated by each

 And we waterpainted raccoons.  You can find the coloring page here.

 We heard the story, "Five Little Ghosts" on the felt board.

 We made these little ghosts that tell what we will be wearing on Halloween night.  Sorry
I can't remember where I found this idea.

 And last we made these arm and hand ghosts.  You can find the idea here.  We
changed it up and used cut out hands and arms and we used chalk dipped in water to
decorate the tree and ghosts.

Hope you enjoyed our week!!!  We'd love to hear how you liked our week.

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