Friday, October 14, 2011

Second week of October...

We had a very productive second week of October... and even had some nice weather on some of the days so we could get outdoors.

On the rainy cold days we found other ways to entertain the group... mainly paper airplanes seems to be the winner for an activity.  Even my schoolager got into the fun and while we were doing learning time researched some new paper airplanes he could make and share with my daycare group.

We were introduced to the letter Ee this week.  We did several activities and we completed our Letter Ee Books.  Below is a copy of our book.  
 This is the cover of our book that we colored the Ee's and the elephant.

 On the left we put together puzzles of the letter Ee and we colored spaces in the
elephant with the letter Ee.  On the right we found the picture in each row that is
different on the top and we circled all of the same letters in each row as the first
letter in the box on the bottom.

On the left we did a spin and graph at the top and we traced Ee's on the bottom.  On
the left we did a letter hunt from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

 On the left we found pictures of things that started with the /e/ sound and colored them
using mostly two-step directions.  We also traced lines at the bottom from the letter Ee to
a letter Ee picture. On the right we colored a picture in each row that started with the /e/ sound.
 I only teach the short sound of a vowel... so all the pictures in this book have the short
/e/ sound.  We also traced letters on this page.

 On the left we reviewed the sounds of letters we learned by circling the letter that is the
beginning sound in the picture.  We also traced and printed some letter Ee's.  On the right we
reviewed the sound of the letters we learned by circling the letter that is the beginning sound
of the picture and then printing the letter on the lines.  We also traced and printed some letter

 On the left we found pictures that started with the /e/ sound and we traced/printed some
letter Ee's.  On the right we circled the letter that identified the beginning sound of the
picture in the triangle.

We began new sight words for the month... I, can, me, and you.  We used our pocket chart to practice reading and reviewing the words and we did a few pages in our Reading Book #2.  We
also did some reading with our sight words from last month and the -at family of words.

 We read this book from Moffatt Girls: Ready2Read.

And below we have our Reading Book #2 from 1+1+1=1.

We finished up the paper plates we painted from last week and reviewed what we learned about owls. We got the idea from here.

We also made these fall paper towel tube trees.  We got this idea from here.

We painted squirrels brown.

And we talked about day and night activities and sorted them.

We were introduced to our community helper puppet from High Reach... Stan the Sanitation Worker.  We talked about what a sanitation worker does and sang a High Reach song about him. 

We started our unit on keeping our world clean with Stan the Sanitation Worker.
We found hidden garbage to help keep the streets clean on this activity paper.

We made garbage trucks... we colored the trucks and the garbage and glued an envelope to the back of the truck to put the garbage in.  The kids had a great time with these and a lot of dramatic play occured while they were playing with them

We also talked about how important it is to keep our water clean.  We polluted some water with dirt, sand, rocks, paper, plastic, corn oil, soap, and food coloring to see how hard or easy it is to clean the water.

 I gave them several different tools to try to get the water clean.  They tried hard and used many
different ideas but learned that it was not an easy task to clean dirty, polluted water.

We then used bubble wrap and a roller to make our posters on keeping our water clean.

We also used our garbage math manipulative from High Reach to practice counting and positional words.

We were introduced to scarecrows by hearing a story using a prop (the pieces are attached by velcro, the mouse pops up in the grass, and the scarecrows face keeps changing as his emotions in the story change).

And then we made these delightful scarecrows...

And we talked about fall and sorted summertime vs. fall activities.

And we made these falling leaves craft that you can find out how to make here.

I am so glad you stopped by.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all the different activities we did this week.  Please stop by again and I would love to hear any comments you have.


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