Friday, September 16, 2011

Third week of school

Boy that was a fast week!  Not sure why because last week was a four day week and it dragged... thought it would never be Friday. 

We had a lot of fun this week...
We continued learning the letter Bb.  Below is a copy of our whole Letter Bb book.  I know I posted a few pages last week, but I decided to put them with the completed book.  You can download most of the pages here.
 We introduce the letter and colored the cover.  On the first page we put together 3 piece
puzzles of both the upper and lowercase Bb and then we colored the parts of the bell
that had the letter Bb in them.

 On page 2 we found the Bb picture or letter that was different and we put a ten piece
counting puzzle together of balloons.  On page 3 we did a spin and graph and traced
letter Bb's.

On page 4 we used Confessions of a Homeschoolers letter search... and I might add
the children loved this story (we emphasized the "boom").  On page 5 we used "Getting
Ready for the Code" to find pictures using the clues they gave (I had them color all the pictures
vs. following the directions exactly), we traced letter Bb's, and we printed b's under
pictures that began with the Bb sound (again from "Getting Ready for the Code").

On page 6 we circled the letter the picture began with and at the bottom we
wrote the letter the picture began with. On page 7 we named the picture words and
decided it we heard the /b/ sound at the beginning or end of the word and then we
traced the letter Bb. 
 On page 9 we named each Bb picture word, traced the word, and colored the picture.
We also wrote a few words of choice on the orange page.  On page 10 we sorted
letter Bb's and traced and wrote some Bb's.

On page 11 we colored the picture word in each row that started with the
/b/ sound and we traced and wrote Bb's.

We also made a baseball buddy from DLK.

 And we made a bee from an uppercase B that I found here and a butterfly from a lowercase b that I found here.

We worked on our sight words a, and, see, and the using 1+1+1=1 sight word unit.
 We circled the different sight words according to the key.
We found our sight words in sentences.
We also did many activities at the pocket chart reading the sight words,
spelling the sight words and playing games with the sight words.

Lastly, we started our apple theme

 We made apple trees... they were supposed to be fingerprints... but our little fingers
were just to small so we fingerpainted the tree top part and used a paint dabber to
put the apples on.  We traced our hand and arm onto brown construction paper
for the trunk.
 We made apple cores out of paper plates and dot-r-markers from the pieces to
the right... but I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

 We completed this book counting apples from the Virtual Vine.

We ripped paper making an apple.
And we did a apple counting sheet from the Virtual Vine.

Hope you enjoyed our week!

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  1. I love the apple tree and apple projects.