Friday, July 22, 2011


This week was my vacation week and although we didn't have plans to go anywhere special, I had big plans of getting a lot of things done.  Sad to say... not much has been done and today is Friday.  Where did the week go???
My family and some of my kids friends came along with us to Cedar Point (an amusement park close to our home) on Monday.  It was hot... very hot... it poured.... the parking lot had more than a foot of water in some parts... but still we rode just about all the rides and had a great time.
Tuesday and Thursday I worked with my family doing some shredding work for my hubby's former boss.  We had fun emptying about 22 pallets of banker boxes of paper into bins to be shred both days.
My sixteen year old got his temps. and is driving.  This made him very, very happy as I have been putting this off for way to long.
And today I have big plans of getting the house clean, grocery shopping, and getting the wash done.  We shall see how that goes as I'm still sitting here on my computer.
Hope everyone had a good week and is staying as cool as possible.  For the first time this summer I am glad to say we have AC and it is on.  I really dislike living in AC most of the time... but I'll take it with all this hot weather!
My little friends will be back next week and we will be learning all about California.  Hope you'll stop by and see what we did.

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