Friday, July 1, 2011

Last week of June ~Arizona

This week we went "Trekking Across the US" to Arizona.  I didn't have big expectations because at the beginning of the week I had no idea where we would go and what we would study.  Funny thing is I actually had much more I could have done in a week!

We started our trip pretending to fly from Alaska to Arizona.  We talked about all the things we learned about Alaska and what we saw as we flew over Alaska and then I talked about some of the things we saw as we started our adventure in Arizona.

Here is the cover of our book.

We always color our state and trace over the state name.

Here is the first two pages of our book.

We learned about Arizona's location, the capital, the flag, how to spell and write the name of the
state, the state bird, and the state flower.

This is the close-up of the state location, the state capital in which we did a dot-to-dot,
and the state flag.

This is a close-up of printing the name of the state (older children did cursive), and
a picture we colored of the state bird and flower together.

We also painted a Saguaro Cactus and put some Cactus Wren's on the cactus.

Here is a picture of the next two pages.

We talked about the Hoover Dam and how Arizona participates in a lot
of Astronomy.

We looked at many pictures of the Hoover Dam and talked about why they built it,
how it is used, and how cars can drive over the top of it.  They were fascinated by this! 
They all have decided they want to see this dam.  We then did an ordering puzzle in which
the younger children put the numbers in order to make the dam... the older children had
to figure it out.  They love the challenge!

We then talked about Astronomy in the state of Arizona.  We looked at what an observatory is
and how big the telescopes are.  We talked about what they thought astronomers looked at
through these big telescopes.  We then sorted whether it was a planet or not in which
we found this activity here.

We then colored pictures of the planets and glued them down on black paper.  Each
child had a different way of glueing the planets (some in order and some just put
them all over).  We added glitter glue for the stars.  (My camera isn't working so well
so I apologize on the not so clear pictures.)

The next two pages looked like this.

We talked about the desert on these two pages.  We sorted plants and animals that live in
the desert that you can find here.  We made a book of desert animals using the written
clues from here.  We either did a counting/graphing book you can find here (younger children) or math problems(older children)...why I have two pictures of the pages.  And we made a sandpaper rubbing desert and added plants and animalsto the desert.

Here are our sandpaper rubbing deserts.  We used the sandpaper behind the paper and a
brown paperless crayon that we rubbed using the side onto the paper to make the desert
floor.  This idea was taken from Confessions of a Homeschooler and her USA Study that
you can purchase here.

We also used Confessions of a Homeschooler idea and made snakes by
linking together paper stips.
Here are the next two pages of our state study.

We talked about Navajo and Apache Native Americans using a lot of the materials
found here.  Below are the sheets we used and projects we did.

And we tried our hand at weaving... it was a struggle!!! 

And we played this fun game that was also included.  I did make the die and put a sun
on the number 2 to help the younger children remember to move the sun.

Here are the last two pages of our book.

We talked about the Grand Canyon.  We talked about the Grand Canyon, we
matched pictures of the Grand Canyon, and we waterpainted the Grand Canyon.  You can
find the printable for the Grand Canyon here. 

And here are some of our waterpaintings.

You can also download my other pages here to create your own Arizona unit.

Hope you enjoyed our Arizona Unit.

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