Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second week of March

This week we continued our letter study with letter Ss. As always we completed our letter Ss book. Below are pictures of our book.

We continued our weather number books from last week.
We did page two in which we put two sun hats.

We then learned about temperature. We saw how a thermometer changes when it is placed in different temperatures of water (hot, room temp., and cold). We watched the red line go up when it was hot and come down when it was cold.

We then did two temperature activity sheets.

You can find the temperature activity sheet here.

And we had a choice as to make a hot day or cold day picture. I guess you could say they are all tired of the snow and cold because they all choose a hot day. They filled in the thermometer for the temperature and drew a picture of what they did on the day.

We completed page 3 with three fluffy clouds.

We watched the steam from the steam kettle, and the kids saw how it looks like a cloud.

We made a simulation of a cloud by putting boiling water in a glass jar, putting the lid on and placing ice on the top. A cloud forms in the jar, but it is quick and my picture isn't the best.

And to end our cloud page we made a cloudy day looking out the window. We used sponges to paint our clouds.

Our number four page was four warm sweaters.

We talked about evaporation. Before we started anything today we painted water on a piece of paper so that when we got to this point the water would be gone. Thus the water dried up. We learned that the water went into the air.

We then made chalk drawings by dipping chalk into water and coloring on black paper. The water evaporates (dries) and leaves beautiful chalk drawings.

Our last weather page was page 5 with five rain drops.

We simulated how rain is made. Once again we used our kettle, steam, and a pan of cold water held into the steam. The water drops on the bottom of the pan get bigger and bigger from the steam and eventually fall onto the stove because they got to heavy.

We then did an umbrella patterning.

We colored the big rain drops blue and the little rain drops green... from Preschool Palaces free printables.

And we colored an umbrella and dot markered the rain drops.

We also used prisms to show how a rainbow is made. We then dot markered a rainbow.

We also were able to complete two St. Parick's Day projects this week.
We dot markered and glitter glued shamrocks.

And we made ourselves leprechauns.

And of course we play. One of our favorites is "Ants in the Pants". No rules... we just shoot ants into the pants.

Hope you enjoyed our week!


  1. I love what you do with your children. As I've always said the children are so lucky to have you.

  2. What lucky kids. Love the cute projects you are doing. I am sure they are learning SO much. Anyway to share the template where you put the kids faces on (leprechaun)??

    Mrs. Ibarra
    Always First Grade

  3. love your ideas make me laugh also as i was testing mine last week . Am doing weather next week .. very cute and am sure they had fun ..