Friday, February 11, 2011

Second week of February...

A very cold week here and we were not able to spend much time outdoors. We still managed to have a very fun week full of learning and much activity. I am so looking forward to seeing the green (or even close to green) grass again, a dry playground, and not having to help six children dress in all the winter clothing to go outdoors. I miss not getting outdoors daily!

We continued learning the alphabet with the letter Pp this week. Like always we did several letter Pp activities and completed our Letter Pp Book. My daycare children just love these books and can't wait to see what is on the next page... and the exciting part... they are learning their letters and sounds. Below are photo's of our Letter Pp Book. We do many forms of alphabet activities daily besides our letter books. One of the activities we do is match the uppercase and lowercase letters and put them up on the ABC Boards we have in our daycare room. I spread the letters out on the table and call out a letter that a specific child must find. They take them up to the ABC Boards and place them in the correct place. I use velcro on the back of the letters and on the boards to make this an easy activity. We reviewed the number 7 this week. We completed the following activity sheets as part of our review. After reviewing number 7 we moved on to number 8. We did many hands-on counting activities and we did several activity sheets to help reinforce the number. Here are a few of the activity sheets we did. The children were so excited to hear we were going to start learning about dinosaurs (even the one little girl I have). Teaching is real easy when they are excited, engaged, and eager to learn about something. I had fun with the dinosaur projects we did this week! This week we talked about the stegasaurus and the brontosaurus. Here is a few of the projects we did. I also used the dinosaur theme to help review some skills as I am starting assessments and want some concepts fresh in their minds. These are a few of the skills we reviewed. We also did some Valentine's projects for the coming holiday. Art is always fun and it's a great way to add a lot of color to our daycare room. Below are a few of our projects.

And where would our week be without plenty of play time. Here are a few moments out of our play time.

(I had some great videos... but never realized how long they would take to load. So no videos for now.)

And the "hit" of the week... an obstacle course. It was very simple and set up in our small daycare room so we could get the hang of it. We crawled under a parachute, dropped an empty toilet tube into a small container that was at our nose level, crawled under Miss Rose's chair, jumped over block walls, did a somersault on the pillows and zig-zagged through our chairs. What fun!!!

A great week! Hope you enjoyed.

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