Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Theme

Right before we get into Thanksgiving I like to do something about our families.  Besides all the books and activities we did I thought our "Family Books" turned out really nice.  Here is what we made...

We made the cover with paper piecing and some imagination of how we wanted our house to look.

Our family portraits were fun to make after talking about whose in our family and how
each family can be different.

We all talked of different things families like to do and then each child
picked their favorite that their family likes to do and illustrated it.

We talked about what they eat at home and then each child picked their favorite
food their family likes to eat.

We did a lot with how I help my family and then each child illustrated how 
they like to help their family.

And our final page was to color a heart and glue a family picture to it
that they brought from home.

Hope you enjoyed how we made our family books.

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