Tuesday, November 20, 2012

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves

What a fun book!

I took the challenge of this book... and well, I didn't do the job I wanted to with it... but the children seemed very entertained by this story.

We worked on the letter Ll this week with this book.  Here is my Letter Ll Book.

This is the cover of the Ll Letter Book.  We used dot markers to fill in the letter Ll.

We pasted the matching upper and lowercase Ll to the top and sorted Ll's on the bottom.

We put red dots on the uppercase L's and orange dots on the lowercase l's with our dot 

 We matched leaves by color putting the upper and lowercase halves together.

 We colored the leaf by the color name printed below.

 We traced the uppercase L, followed the path to its buddy the lowercase l, and traced
the lowercase l.

 In each row we talked about the picture name and recognized the sound each 
picture started with.  Then we found the picture that was different.

 We put two-piece puzzles of letter Ll together and traced letter Ll.

 We matched the leaf shapes to the shapes and identified each shape.

 We found all the Ll's in each row and put together a word puzzle.  The children only had the letters
on the original template and received cut up pieces to make the leaf by matching the letters.

We traced letter Ll's.

You can download my entire Letter Ll Book here.

We did some leaf art.

We colored a leaf with our washable markers, and...
 we sprayed them with water.

 The colors blended together to make beautiful leaves. Sorry forgot to take a picture of the end result.

We chalked leaves by dipping the chalk into water and then coloring on the paper.
These turned out great... but I forgot to take an end result picture.

 And we sponge painted fall leaves on (or falling off) a tree.

We also worked on some skills.



 Two-part puzzles.

 3-part cards.

Leaves and apple sort.

 4-piece puzzles.

Story parts.

Shadow matching.

 Size sequencing.

Same Size.

And this can all be found over at 3 Dinosaurs.

Next up is "Silly Sally"!
Hope to see you back,

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