Friday, March 30, 2012

Did I fall off the earth?

Did I fall off the earth?  Well... I feel like I have in a way but maybe that would have been better than what I've been dealing with... meaning floating in space not having to deal with everything.  So here it goes...

1.  Ohio regulations for child care (county certified... because only people who watch more than six become licensed) are that the county may choose to revoke your certificate if you haven't watched a county child (meaning a state paid child) in the last six months.  Well... I haven't been able to find a county child in my neck of the woods in 23 years... so guess what they planned on doing.  Yep... revoke my certificate.  So getting that all straightened out took much of my time to do.
     My big issue with this whole thing is... I've done everything they have asked of me... accredited by NAFCC, a gold seal on the "Care for Kids" program (Thelma Harms Rating Scale), never been out of compliance...EVER!  They always have great things to say about my program... yet I am no longer worthy of being county certified.  I am assuming Ohio just doesn't care to know what is going on in home child care's across the state if they have a rule that doesn't permit anyone to be certified.  You would think they would want everyone to at the least... be certified. 
     I'm glad to say I will be certified another year.  I am happy about this but am worried about next year... might have to invest in a pair of boxing gloves... ha...ha.

2.  We had to put our dog of 15 years down.  It was a difficult decision... very sad... but I know it had to be done for the dog's sake.  So we put her down one Saturday morning... my husband, eldest son, my youngest son, and I went and stayed with her through the process.  Well... if that wasn't enough for one day!!!! Right!?!  An hour and a half later I'm sitting in the ER.  My son (he's seventeen and the 4-th child) went ice skating with his best friend.  I didn't think nothing of him wearing shorts as it was almost 80 degrees outside.  May I say... NEVER GO ICE SKATING IN SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!  He was one of six on the ice skating backwards (he's a wanna be hockey player) and makes a quick pivot to go forward, gets his legs all tangled up and cuts his shin open with the skate.  I get the call from his friend that EMS is on the way.  I'm thinking...must be kinda bad... and high tail it back to the rink.  Mind you I just got home from dropping them off and was sobbing because my dog wasn't laying in her normal spot.  So I fly back to the rink and catch the ambulance just before they left.  I didn't get to see the leg but was well informed that "it was a good cut".  So I still have no idea what to expect.... but that still isn't enough stress to add to the day.  So I'm driving to the ER worried sick because at that moment we had no health insurance.  Deep breath... right!  My husband had just changed jobs back in January and his boss said don't do the cobra, I'll take care of you... taking care of us alright... this is Saturday and his insurance (after many promises and former dates that the new insurance was going to start and then... nothing, nadda) supposedly was starting on Monday.  Well another deep breath because when I saw my son's leg I almost lost it!  It was by far the  worst cut I've ever seen in 48 years of living.  You could see the bone, all the layers of tissue, everything.  The doc looked him over and called a plastic surgeon to come in and sew him up... and they were hoping he didn't need surgery.  Panic is taking over.  I looked worse than my son! After 8 interesting hours in the ER (it was St. Pat's day, should I say more) we finally got to bring him home.  He was off school the whole next week and is finally back this week.  It is healing well and he will have a nice scar!  And the best news... I still had time to purchase the cobra... so health care will pay a good chunk of the expense.

3.  I love to take on more than I should.  Probably what most teachers/homeschoolers/providers can say as well.  Well I walked into this one blind... and decided it would be a wonderful experience to train providers since I was so... and have been forever... disappointed with the trainings they offer.  So I took on the challenge thinking these classes are already put together... so some "me" adjustments and things would be good... right!?!  NOT!!!!!  I spent the last two full weekends (minus the ER trip) working on these classes.  4 of them.  Who would have thought it would have taken that long when they actually train you to teach these classes.  So overachieving me had to work until there was no more wax left on the candle each night to put it together like I would want it presented to me.  Needless to say, all but one turned out great (the one was good but I need to tweak it more)... most of the providers were happy and many asked when I am teaching again.  Thank goodness I have a break from them to re-group because... (read #4)...

4.  I still don't have my child care business taxes done yet.... or should I say barely started.   So that is the panic this weekend... sitting at my lowly computer plugging in numbers until I can't see straight and my fingers are bleeding... okay... getting a little dramatic.

So amongst life, being a mom and wife, running a business and a home... I've hit a few glitches. I'm hoping to recover after this weekend and catch my blog up and then begin creating more printables!!! Thanks for checking in... reading my posts... and I hope to get on with better and more daycare style things.  And I can't wait to have time to catch up on all the other bloggers blogs that I so enjoy and get so many wonderful ideas.



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