Friday, August 12, 2011

Trekking Across the US ~Colorado

We are back!  I took a much needed week off of curriculum and both the children and I benefitted from it greatly.  It is just nice to play once and awhile! 

You can download most of our Colorado book here.
This past week we learned all about Colorado.  Here is the cover of our Colorado book.

As we always do... we traced the word Colorado and colored in the state.  We
also found the state on our large classroom map.

Here are the next two pages of our book.

We found Colorado on a US state map and colored it purple.  We did a dot-to-dot
of the state of Colorado and learned what the capital is.  We talked about the state
flag and colored a picture of one.  And we spelled/traced/printed the state name.
Below are close ups of the activities.

 We also made a paper piecing of the state flag.  See below.

Here are the next two pages of our book.

On these two pages we talked about the state flower and state bird.  We colored
a state flower and we put together a six piece puzzle of the state bird.  See below for
close up of each page.

 Here we are coloring the state flower.

We also fingerpainted the state bird.  Not sure what is going on though...
I pulled black fingerpaint and it used to be black but it turned brown.  Our blue
did the same thing... it went purple.  Strange!!!  So needless to say, we
have brown birds instead of black ones. You can find the printable here.

Here are the next two pages.

We talked about Pikes Peak and some of the attractions that can be found there
since it is one of the most popular mountains to visit in the nation.  We also
talked about the Rocky Mountains.  Skiing was part of our Rocky Mountain
discussion and we traced the skier and colored him in.  Below are close ups
of the two pages.

 We then made our own Rocky Mountains by cutting squares of paper and
filling in the snowcapped mountains.

And we had fun making a ski jumper.

Here are the next two pages.

We talked about the animals in the Rocky Mountains from Musings of Me
 and discussed how Colorado
is the Stegosaurus state and how they have found many dinosaur bones and
skeletons in Colorado.  See below for close ups of these pages.

 We made a dinosaur skeleton using penne noodles.

And the last two pages.

We did a dinosaur letter match from Two Teaching Mommies which you can
find here and we learned about the US Mint in Colorado.
We matched coins and talked about how much they are worth.  Below are
close ups of the two pages.

Hope you enjoyed our Colorado unit!  Next week we will be off to Connecticut!  Hope you will come back and see what we learned.


  1. Love all your ideas! I'll have to keep your blog in mind when we start this!